googlescholar weatherization assignment 7


Directions: Please provide a response to each of the following questions using APA guidelines for formatting and citations.  Each response must be at least one paragraph in length consisting of three to five sentences.




1.      What percentage of the earth is covered by water?  What percent of water is usable by people?




2.      How much water does the World Health Organization suggest people need to survive?  How much water does the U.S. Agency for International Development state that a person needs for a reasonably good quality of life?  In the United States, what is the direct per capita daily water use?




3.      Name reasons why water use is so high in the United States.




4.      What are some requirements of the Energy Policy Act?




5.      How can a plumbing system be made more efficient?




6.      How much water is flushed down the toilet every day?  How can toilets be more efficient?




7.      Name types of efficient toilets and urinals.




8.      Why were older versions of low-flow showerheads unpopular?  How have the new ones improved?




9.      Describe the differences between a gas- or oil-fired water heater and an electric water heater.




10.    What are the two types of collectors that solar-powered water heaters use and how do they function?


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