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2.2.11 StudyExplore Writing an Analysis Essay
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This study sheet will help you to write a rough draft of the writing assignment that you will revise later on. Answer the following questions as you work through your study to build a strong and successful essay.

Your Assignment

For this assignment, you will be writing an analysis essay. Choose 3 levels of Hell from the first 18 cantos of the 
Inferno and write an analysis of how or why the punishment was chosen for the crime. Consider the values of the Middle Ages. Choose 2 from the cantos assigned and 1 from the first 18 that were 
not assigned.

Write the definitions of the following words.
If you come across a word you don’t know, write it in a blank space below. Try to figure out what the word means by looking at its context. Then use your dictionary or the Internet to look up the correct definition for the word.
Word Definition
analysis essay

Write a short answer to each question.
1. What is the purpose of an analysis essay?

2. What levels of Hell from the first half of Dante’s 
Inferno will you analyze in your essay?

3. Write the central claim for your analysis essay on the 

4. Write the introduction of your analysis essay. Be sure to introduce your topic and your central claim.

5. Write the three supporting reasons that you’ll address at the beginning of each of your three body paragraphs.
6. What type of evidence will you use? What details from the poem will you be looking for to support your claim?

7. From all the evidence you’ve gathered, what are some examples of your weakest and strongest evidence?

8. If you’ve done any research on the Middle Ages, write down any facts that will be helpful to you as you write your essay.
9. Write your three body paragraphs. Organize each paragraph around two to three pieces of evidence from the reading that support your central claim.

10. Write your conclusion. Remember to remind your audience of your claim, address the counterclaim, and create a sense of closure.

11. Now that you’ve written all your paragraphs, put them together here, adding transitions between paragraphs to show the connection between your mini-claims.

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