Hello I need help with tasks below

Written Assignment:

Task 1: Answer the question below. Follow APA guidelines. Must use at least two references and citations

(1).Use the code book in page 170 of your textbook to decode this:

(text book : Oriyano, Sean-Philip. Cryptography Infosec Pro Guide. McGraw-Hill Education, 2013.)

7227 1947 8008 6582

1939 1972 7834 2205

1287 1703 3887 2205

1287 8337 6582 5002

8913 3887 9136 2205

1287 8337 1972 9631

(2).What are the most important properties of public key encryption scheme? Build a PKI structure.

(Maximum: Half a Page or 150 words)

References and in-text citations must be APA compliant.

Separate documents for each topic and Must use at least two references and citations.for each topic

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