Multiple question and matching questions need done for Tuesday 12/12/2017 by 2:00pmQuestion 1.The suffix of a medical term is found:after the combining the beginning of the the end of the the middle of the term.Question 2. Which of the following is a use for a combining vowel?To ensure that non-medical personnel are confusedSplitting up word partsMaking words trickier to spellMaking words easier to pronounceQuestion 3. The prefix in pansinusitis means:none.inflammation.sinuses.all.Question 4. Which of the following is a combining form?PosthepaticHepatitisHepat/oPrehepaticQuestion 5. The meaning of condition of the blood is translated into a medical term by the suffix:–algia.–cele.–emesis.–emia.Question 6.Match the term component on the left with the description of what it represents on the right.–itis.                         word rootprefixsuffixbi-–plastycardiQuestion 7. Match the term component on the left with the description of what it represents on the right.A.firstB.view ofC.oneD.excessE.recordF.thirstG.process of visually examining–opsy–dipsia– gramunihyper-primi-Question 8. Describe strategies that healthcare personnel can use to define and build medical terms.Your response must be at least 200 words in length.

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