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You are hosting a dinner/meeting for 7 Native American historical figures (you may choose the 7 as long as you follow the guidelines).  These people come from a variety of tribal backgrounds, geographic areas, and life experiences.  You must make up the seating arrangement, determine the menu (yes, you really must tell me what they are eating), and report on the conversation and activities for the evening.  Again, you want to cover the era as thoroughly as possible.  Yes, it’s a non-historical scenario, but your job is to make the paper historical.
  • This paper should be at least 5-7 pages in length, double-spaced, and typed using standard fonts and sizes (10 or 12 point) and margins (1″ on all sides).  Make sure you use at least 20 terms/vocabulary throughout your paper and you need to bold and italicize them so they are easier for me to see.
  • This paper is a narrative and should display your imagination and creativity.  The midterm should be written in the first person.  The final can also be, but is not required.
  • Ensure the reader gets an excellent taste for the culture(s) and time about which you are writing.
  • Your paper should flow well, be entertaining to read, and demonstrate that you have a complete understanding of the world into which we have ventured during the quarter.  Keep a timeline handy so your observations are accurate.
  • Please be certain that you follow all of the above.
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