history need least 3 4 pages w bibliography images movie clip etc design wiki page hoover to

Identify and analyze how the Great Depression influenced the lives of a variety of American groups:


What is a Wiki Project?…Please go to link: http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/network/2006/07/07/what-is-a-wiki.html


A Wiki ste is a web page that is designed with the  main thesis / question and answers the questions.


Follow the attached directions from the ppr attachment!!!!!!


1. Research and create an artifact that includes documentation/analysis of Depression experiences from the role of a Hoover Tourist.


2. Create a Works Cited page. Use LRC databases for research. Avoid Wikipedia and stick to
ending in
, and some org’s (although they can be suspect as well


I would like at least 10 detailed entries in your assessment with analysis and experiences. Dates are not to be that specific. Use every group as noted as an entry and then add a few more of your choice.


4. Be creative and think outside the box (sorry for the cliché)Please  follow directions


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