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Address the following in 10–12 pages:

What general approach should DHS and FEMA take for retaining ethical considerations in mind as they discover, select, and develop new technologies? Explain.

Consider if there are any types, categories, or forms of technology these agencies should avoid—explain what and why.

What “environmental” factors should DHS and FEMA stay aware of as they select or employ technologies, e.g., political, economic, social, cultural, or legal? Explain.

Identify some of the ways conflict may arise between some or all of these factors and ethical matters.

Be prepared to advise your bosses on when and how any of these factors might and/or should trump ethical issues.

How much transparency should DHS and FEMA provide in letting the public know about current or prospective technologies? Explain.

Consider the ethics of using technology without public knowledge or consent.

How might planning and exercises reduce the likelihood of leaders or managers compromising ethics when using technological tools or capabilities? Explain.

What are the intentional and unintentional potentials for their actions to be models of states and localities? Explain.

Is this consideration important? Why or why not?

What slippery slopes lie ahead regarding homeland security? Consider the following in your response:

Immigration issues

Search and seizure issues

Technological advancements

Once ethics are breeched, are they easier to neglect in the future? Does this matter when executing the critical missions within homeland security? Explain.

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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