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Human Resources Final Course Project




Your project is an application of the HR concepts and principles we are studying in this course.  It is your opportunity to solve a problem related to one of the human resource areas (see the list of HR activities on in Exhibit 1.1 on p. 7)—for this project, you are “HR.”




The project will be a minimum of a 4 – 6 page paper that is a study of a human resources need or situation at your company or organization and a design of a program to meet the need.  This situation is not something that your Human Resources department has identified, but rather some area that falls under HR that you and/or your peers feel needs to be added/changed/addressed.




Your paper will include the following parts:


  • Give a history and background of your company.  (one or two paragraphs)


  • Describe the human resources situation or need including any necessary background and/or examples. (one to three paragraphs)


  • Do a literature review of what other companies are doing to resolve this situation.  You can check the Internet, read articles, and/or conduct personal interviews.  In this section, you are trying to determine some “best practices.”  In your paper, you will summarize your findings and give details of some of the programs/solutions that other companies are using—be sure to say which companies you looked included.  (Look at a minimum of two or three other companies’ practices/solutions.)


  • Describe the viable alternatives you considered to resolve the situation.  In this section, you will analyze which solutions/practices might be feasible for your company.  You might be able to use parts of various programs or rule out other solutions because of cost, culture, etc.  You might think of this part as a “Pros” and “Cons” of the different practices as they would apply to your company.


  • Recommend the solution.  Give good details of how you would solve the problem and what the impact would be.  Your recommendation will include details of your program with a proposed implementation plan.







    Overall Suggestions:


  • For ease of reading, use 12-point font and double space the paper.  Also, include headings for the major parts.  (Example:  Background, Human Resource Need, Research Findings, etc.)


  • Use any additional resources necessary (articles, Internet, interviews, etc.).  Be sure to cite your sources and include a list of works cited.  Use MLA guidelines.




  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar count, be sure that you follow grammatical guidelines!  Employ formal writing rules and be sure to turn in a polished final draft.


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