I do think equity and equality are both required. To make things better we need equity being fair and impartial. Reference


Respond to at least two of your classmates’ initial posts throughout the week by noting how their perspective is the same or different than yours. Each of your responses should be at least 100 words long. Both your initial post and your responses should refer both to your own experience and to content from readings, media, or websites.

Responses Checklist:

  • Did you respond to two or more classmates throughout the week?
  • Did you use scholarly resources to support your work?
  • Did you discuss each area in the instruction and Grading Rubric?
  • Did you use APA?
  • First Post to reply to
  • I’m very grateful for the privileges I’ve had throughout my life. I grew up in a white middle-class family. I was able to attend public schools while my mother didn’t have the privilege to go to high school. I knew some of my friends had more and some less but didn’t realize how hard other children had it.

    I went on to obtain my associate and master’s degree that’s when I realized just how important privileges are all over the world. Some groups are favored and enjoy higher social class status, while others are disadvantaged and often disparaged. (Kahn, 2015). I see now and feel for the groups that are disparaged.

    I couldn’t fairly take the test at the end of chapter 4 because I’m disabled and cannot work right now. But I still see how privileged I truly am. I’m alive and attending this University with hopes of working in the future.

    I do think equity and equality are both required. To make things better we need equity being fair and impartial.
    Kahn, A. (2015). The ecology of diversity: Examining individuals, societies, and cultures.

  • Second Post to Reply
  • Throughout my life I have experienced all types of discrimination. There is not one person that has not been effected or benefited by privilege in some shape or form. I am African American and a woman so I have had many closed in my face and many stereotypes placed upon me. Seeing others with privilege has effect me in various ways. In one regard it has caused me to work and strive harder. It has also caused me to sometimes feel non-productive.
    Although I did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth, I grew up with the privilege of growing up in a 2 parent home. Musick and Meier (2010) writes, “Growing up without both parents is associated with a host of poor child outcomes. Children from single-parent and stepparent families have higher poverty rates and lower levels of educational and occupational attainment than children who grow up with both their biological or adoptive parents”. Some people may not see this as a privilege. Honestly, I did not view this as one as well. It is only as I look back on my life and people around me that I realized that living in a house with 2 parents gave me certain privileges. One thing was the stability that was always personified. We were always revered as a strong black family in our comy tomunity.
    As we examine privilege, in respect to my upbringing, It has shaped my life by giving me  the confidence to grow.

    Musick, K., & Meier, A. (2010). Are Both Parents Always Better Than One? Parental Conflict and Young Adult Well-being. Social Science Research, 39(5), 814–830. http://doi.org/10.1016/j.ssresearch.2010.03.002

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