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Write a short (50-100-word) paragraph response for each question. This assignment is to be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.Give examples of psychosocial factors that affect the health care professional and the effect those factors could have on patient education.Give examples of psychosocial factors that affect the patient and the effect those factors could have on patient education.Explain what is meant by personality styles and give examples of approaches that could be used to help the patient. Include self-perception as a factor.List the steps in adjustment to illness and how the patient copes with each step.Explain the health professional’s role in teaching the patient at different life stages.Define the role of the family in patient education.How might the family influence the compliance of the patient and what measures can the health care professional use in communication with the family?PLEASE READ CAREFULLYCreated short paragraph (50-100 word minimum) response for each question and addressed each part of the question. (the question does not count toward the word count) –/ 10 pointsDemonstrated accuracy, thoughtful detail and intelligence with each answer and was written in own words and had original thought. -10 ptsOriginal Examples are provided to explain answer. (Example:) Student has original and critical thinking:-10 ptsCreated APA formatted document.Included APA title page. 1/Included APA in-text citations – 5/APA reference page at the end. –3 pts/ 9 points totalHomework has questions written out, numbered and are in order) – 1 point

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