Intelligence and Achievement Tests

Week 3 Discussion 1

Intelligence and Achievement Tests

Discussion instructions:

Discuss the importance of considering test bias.  List 3 major factors that should be considered based on research. Be sure to put all information in your own words, cite accordingly, and include a list of references used in APA format. Your post should be at least 300 words. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings by Day 7.

Week 3 Guidance

Chapter 6: Item Development

General Item Writing Guidelines

  • Provide clear directions
  • Present the question, problem, or task in as clear and straightforward a manner as possible
  • Develop items and tasks that can be scored in a decisive manner
  • Avoid inadvertent cues to the answers
  • Arrange the items in a systematic manner
  • Ensure that individual items are contained on one page
  • Tailor the items to the target population
  • Minimize the impact of construct-irrelevant factors
  • Avoid using the exact phrasing from study materials
  • Avoid using biased or offensive language
  • Use a print format that is clear and easy to read
  • Determine how many items to include

Constructing Test Items

Objective Items

  • Keep the reading difficulty and vocabulary level of test items as simple as possible
  • Be sure each item has a single correct or best answer on which experts would agree
  • Be sure each item deals with an important aspect of the content area, not with trivia
  • Be sure each item is independent
  • Avoid the use of trick questions
  • Be sure the problem posed is clear and unambiguous

True-False Items

  • Ensure that the item is unequivocally true or false
  • Avoid the use of specific determiners or qualified statements
  • Avoid ambiguous and indefinite terms of degree or amount
  • Avoid the use of negative statements, and particularly double negatives
  • Limit true-false statements to a single idea
  • Make true and false statements approximately equal in length

Multiple-Choice Items

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