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Introduction: After successfully navigating the crisis earlier in the semester with Schmearton Technologies, you have been feeling pretty good about your job. You have successfully prioritized and maintained a schedule and several of the problems have cleared up. You walk in Monday morning feeling pretty good about yourself. You open your calendar and look over you’re to do list and it isn’t bad. Today you have the following to do items/ appointments: •Meeting with a Community College Professor to discuss an internship opportunity for students •Complete the performance reviews on your direct reports •Meeting with the President to develop the long term strategy •Meeting with the Director of IT to discuss a recent security breach Of course, just as you are getting ready to address your first task, the Vice President of Human Resources rushes in and tells you that two supervisors that work closely together have gotten into a huge argument that almost came to blows and now they refuse to talk to each other. Someone has to address it and since they report to you, you have to do it. So, that gets added to your list, too. After taking a few minutes to estimate the time it will take to complete each of the items on your “to do” list, you conclude that you only have time to complete three things, and the rest will have to wait. Now you have think about the factors that could make each a priority. The meeting with the Community College Professor is not a critical meeting, however you have rescheduled with him twice in the past three weeks. He plays softball with your dad and your dad is pressuring you to give him the meeting. Having internships in the company has always been a goal of yours and the President and you did get your current job because of the skills you learned on your internship. Additionally, being able to hire help at a reduced rate would help your company save money and you did make a commitment to increase your earnings this quarter. Not setting up the three internships would hurt your projections as you will not be able to produce as much product. Your President hates it when deadlines are missed and you do not want to be reported for not completing your performance reviews. You have approximately 40 employees to get into the system and the deadline is 5:00 pm today. If you do not complete this task your employees cannot get their merit raises because the system locks out. The meeting to discuss the long term strategy is scheduled for today, but the actual investor meeting is two days from now. You are responsible for building the powerpoint and presenting the material to the board of directors and investors. This meeting is critical to ensuring that the investors and board of directors stay happy with the current company direction. If you fail, it could not only mean the President’s job, but your job as well. Someone broke into the IT infrastructure and began posting “The Travel Toothbrush sucks” on the official company website. Additionally, they have made attempts to access the personal company data and though they have not been successful, they are getting closer and closer. Due to the nature of the virus and security breach, the Director of IT needs your approval before embarking on a course of action. You do not know the extent of the security breach or the details, so finding those out is important before giving approval. The supervisors that are fighting need to work hand and hand to get the job done. If they do not communicate, the production floor will cease to operate. These two supervisors need to have a good working relationship and that is not happening right now. This is their first argument and the first time they have ever not gotten along. You heard that it has something to do with the performance reviews, but you are not sure. The President of the company has given you his priorities of what is most important to get done. In order from most important to least important, his priorities are: 1.Take care of our customer’s needs first. 2.Ensure that nothing interrupts production schedules. 3.Produce a high quality product. 4.Keep costs as low as possible. ——————————————————————————– Directions: For the above scenario, provide a full written explanation that covers the following: •which items you will work on today and your rationale for the items chosen •for the items you can’t accomplish today, provide your thoughts on what you might do to address them •discuss the implications of your decisions
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