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Select a macroeconomic topic you feel comfortable to analyze. Some suggested topics are: The Great Recession of 2008: Causes and Consequences; An Analysis of Unemployment Rate Among Teen-Agers; An Analysis of Unemployment Rate in the Retail Trade Industry, 2005-2010; The Growth of GDP in Post-Recession Years, Budget deficit and National Deb. These are just a few topics you may consider.

·  The paper length is 3 pages of text. The focus is on quality rather than quantity. Graphs and tables, references and footnotes must go to the end of the essay, and it is not included in the 3 pages.

·  The structure of the short essay is Introduction (1st paragraph), Economic Analysis and Conclusion (last paragraph). No need to write subtitles.

·  The introduction should be just one-paragraph long. It should explain why the topic is relevant for you and finish explicitly with a research question. Be sure your paper focuses on one single question. Do not try to analyze too many issues.

·  The title of the paper cannot be the research question.

·  The economic analysis section is the body of your paper. It sets the arguments to answer the research question with the latest data you found and ideas from refereed articles. You should be able to use key macroeconomic terms to analyze the data and all information you have in the argument.

·  Use APA style. Given the paper is just 3 pages long, avoid using quotation marks with the ideas of others. Write the ideas of others with your own words and properly acknowledge the source of it.

·  Refereed papers are academic papers that were criticized and reviewed by experts before being published. More information can be found in

·  The conclusion should also be just 1-paragraph long, and it should answer the question set in the introduction. Be sure there is a strong connection between the introduction and the conclusion. You can also expand on the implications of your answer and predict something about the future.

·  Use font Times New Roman, size 11-12 and double space.


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