marketing plan 4107455 2

Company: The Gap

A.  Current Marketing Situation

     1.  Market description

    1. Segmentation (describe target market using segmentation characteristics)
    2. Marketing targeting strategy
    3. Value proposition
    4. Factors influencing consumer behavior of the primary target market
    5. Buyer decision process of the primary target market

     2. Product review

    1. Levels of product/service
    2. Type of product/service
    3. Product/service life cycle
    4. Benefits/features analysis
    5. Differentiation
    6. Branding strategy

      3. Competitive review

    1. Competitive analysis
    2. Market share
    3. Competitive positions and roles
    4. Strategic sweet spot
    5. Positioning
  1. Distribution review
    1. Current supply chain members and roles
    2. Value-delivery network analysis
    3. Current type of distribution strategy

B.  Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Analysis (SWOT)

  1. Microenvironments
  2. Macroenvironments

LengthMinimally, you should have at least one slide per topic, plus your title page and source page(s). General length guidelines are:

     Part 1:  Approximately 25-30 slides

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