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The media list must:

  • Be composed using the provided XLS spreadsheet template

  • Include at least 20 journalists, editors, or bloggers. Of these:

o A minimum of five must be from local media

o A minimum of five must be from trade publications

  • Include basic biographical information for each contact, including their name, position and the

    name of the media outlet for which they work.

  • Include means of direct contact for each contact, including each of the following:

o Email addresses
o Phone numbers
o Twitter handles
o Links to their work (either a home page or their most recent article)

Be composed in the provided Excel Media List Template
NOTE: You may include only one individual journalist per media outlet. 



The Twitter List must:

  • Be composed using your Twitter account

  • Include a minimum of 15 handles belonging to journalists or media outlets that have a provable

    interest in your campaign 


    My campaign is for Photobooth313. A photobooth company. 

o Five of the 15 must be media outlets
o Five of the 15 must be individual reporters, editors, or bloggers

The supplemental Word document must include, for each journalist:

  • Their name

  • Their official position

  • The media outlet they work for, with a link to its home page

  • Their two means of direct contact as required in the Excel Spreadsheet

  • Links to their two most recent articles

  • A brief (one or two sentences) justification for their inclusion in the list, including analysis of their

    stated beat, media outlet, and/or audience 


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