mkt w3 dq

new due in 6 hours minimumm 80 words per question with reference



1. Think about the pricing methods described in this chapter–markup pricing, target-return pricing, perceived-value pricing, value pricing, going-rate pricing, and auction-type pricing. As a consumer, which do you prefer to deal with? Why? If the average price were to stay the same, which would you prefer a firm to do: (1) set one price and not deviate or (2) employ slightly higher prices most of the year but offer slightly discounted prices or specials for certain occasions?


2. what category of product would auction type pricing work best?  Convenience, shopping or specially goods?



3. some marketers feel that the image of the particular channel in which they sell their products does not matter–all that matters is that the right customers shop there and the product is displayed in the right way. Others maintain that channel images–such as those of a retail store–can be critical and must be consistent with the image of the product.

Take a position: Channel images do not really affect the brand images of the products they sell that much versus Channel images must be consistent with the brand image



4. Think of some of your favorite brands. Do you know where they come from? Where and how are they made or provided? Do you think knowing these answers would affect your perceptions of quality or satisfaction?

could they make?






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