MN506 Assignment: Controversial Treatments and Legislative Change

Choose a health care treatment option that is controversial and maybe costly.In this assignment the controversial treatment is ” Bariatric Surgery”Describe the positive and negative benefits from the treatment, evidence of effectiveness, and the potential harm of a different treatment option.1.Introduction:   Choose a controversial health care treatment option.Describe the treatment.2. Describe the social and legal controversy associated with your controversial treatment.3. Describe the evidence that supports the effectiveness of the controversial treatment.4. Describe the evidence that does not support the effectiveness of the controversial treatment.5. Compare and contrast the positive and negative benefits or harm of the controversial treatment.This assignment follows APA Style, Times New, Romans, font 12, Original Please, No Pleagerism, with references  (2012-2017) and in text citations.  Check with turnitin.  Thank you

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