need within 4 hours asap i only need 4 work cites paper below


i need four work sites for my gay marriage paper i can’t quite figure out how to do it myself.


DO be careful that everything you use in this essay that is not your own original work is given credit through documenting.

Plagiarism must be avoided like the plague as it is an F no questions asked. There is even a plagiarism quiz under Course Docs that you can take to make sure you understand. When giving credit to the source in the paper, as I’ve written before, either write According to Dr. Jane Doe, ________________________.

Conversely, you could say One noted physician says ,”_______________________________________________(Doe).  It is your choice as to using a lead in phrase like scientist Mary Smith argues ________________________________.

Or, you may give her quote or paraphrase her and put (Smith).  at the end,

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