noncompliance with medical recommendations. Y

This is a 2part paper needed in APA format 2 pages for each question total of 4 pages. free of typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors. scholarly references.

1.  You are working in a health care setting. You are referred a patient, Thomas, for noncompliance with medical recommendations. You read the medical chart and find out that Thomas is a 59-year-old patient with Type II diabetes. Thomas is overweight, eats mostly high fat processed foods, and never exercises (all risk factors for type II diabetes by the way). His blood sugar levels are dangerously high and have stayed that way in spite of the doctor’s repeated attempts to get them down. Thomas is married and has 3 grown children. He works as a janitor at a nearby office building. Thomas’ doctor complains that his patient does not do a good job checking his insulin level and taking the right doses of insulin. He also complains that Thomas makes no attempt to lose weight, eat a low fat no sugar diet, or maintain a regular exercise program. You are asked to design an intervention to help Thomas comply with medical recommendations.

Use the various theories of health behaviors for:

Identification of the problem

Plan of intervention

2.You are working in a medical/educational setting. Specifically, you work for a university hospital and medical center in beautiful, sunny, Southern California. Recently, the dermatologists at the university health center are referring an unusually high number of students to the oncology units for melanoma, the worst type of skin cancer that usually begins in a mole. Not only is the number of melanoma cases high, but students are coming in to see the dermatologists when the melanoma has already spread to the lymph nodes, and therefore chances for survival from this deadly disease decrease dramatically. You are asked to design an intervention that will promote skin cancer prevention techniques across the campus community.  Design a ‘community’ intervention, you should make sure to target groups at various levels of awareness and interest in skin cancer. Also, you should promote prevention at various stages, from prevention of skin cancer to early recognition of symptoms.

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