Review Heitzeg’s social justice framework in the Catherine Core Reader, p. 566. She presents it as a process with four key stages (Heitzeg, 2014):Reflection on experience: this stage allows us to make connections between the larger structural reality and ourselves.Social analysis: This stage causes us to analyze if the issue is a personal issue or a social issue. Go back to Ways of Knowing…how do you know this to be true?Moral judgment: As Heitzeg (2014) states, “We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor”.Action plan: Social justice issues require action.Visit the Guardian newspaper site for The Black Lives Movement here  Read at least two stories about the systemic racism in Britain’s legal /criminal justice system.  Begin your post by summarizing and citing them using APA format.  Then, reflect on how the UK and the US approach systemic racism differently within Heitzeg’s social justice framework.

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