NURSING COURSEWORKSMSN572: Advanced Physical Assessment Across the LifespanMSN570: Advanced Pathophysiology Across the LifespanMSN571: Advanced Pharmacology Across the LifespanFNP 591: Common Health Illness Across the LifespanMSN564: Culture and Spiritual Care Across the LifespanMSN 563: Evidence-Based Practice for Scholarship and PracticeFNP590: Health Promotion, Education and Disease Prevention Across the LifespanMSN 565: Nursing Leadership and Health PolicyFNP 593: Primary Health of Acute Clients/Families Across the LifespanFNP 594: Primary Health of Acute Illness Across the Lifespan- Clinical PracticumFNP595: Primary Health of Chronic Illness Across the LifespanMSN 561: Theoretical Foundation of Advanced Practice NursingMSN 560: Transitions in Practice: The Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse

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