Nursing Theorists and Their Work 8th ed.

Reflect on the entire course activity and post your thoughts and opinions. What topic was most interesting to you? Include any epiphanies as well as any drudgery.Similar to your Discussion topics, this posting should be substantial in length (Minimum 300 words) and meet graduate standards. No resources are required for this assignment. Remember “The truth will set you free!” Have FUN.

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Topic 2: Knowledge Development in Nursing

One of nursing’s priorities for its future as a profession is identifying, structuring, and continuously advancing the knowledge that underlies its practice. In developing a nursing theory, explain which you would choose to address your advanced nursing role: logical or deductive reasoning.


This post must be at least 250 words and include an in-text citation with reference at bottom.

BTW: this is the book that will be used for this class.

Title:  Nursing Theorists and Their Work 8th ed.

Author:  Alligood, M. R.

ISBN: 978-0-323-09194-7

Publisher:  Mosby Elsevier

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