nutrition project 1


You have had a chance to track your diet for 3 days. For this part of the project, you will look at additional reports from My Diet Analysis to analyze where your current diet falls within the RDA standards. You will need to submit both your report and a 3-5 double-spaced page analysis with specific nutritional goals for this semester based on your results.


  1. Save the following three reports as a PDF from My Diet Analysis — Actual Intakes vs Recommended Intakes; Calorie Assessment and Comparison (you will set this report to compare your two profiles so that you can see if there has been any change).
  2. Look at these three reports and see if there has been any difference between your diet at the beginning of the semester and now. You will then make suggestions on how you can add or subtract certain foods to or from your diet in order to meet/achieve 80-110 percent of the recommendations of My Diet Analysis. If your intake of a particular nutrient falls between 80 and 110 percent of the recommendations, you do not need to include it in your analysis since this is considered a strength. However, if it doesn’t, then indicate how you could alter your diet to make it fall within the recommended intake. 
  3. Discuss how you met/didn’t meet your 3-5 nutrition goals and then modify or set new goals based on the RDA standards . If you would like some ideas as to how to set nutrition goals for yourself, you can check out these general interest websites:

How to Complete Your Assignment

Submit your work here in the CANVAS system as a Word 97-2003.docx or other word processing file. (Google DocsOpen Office are also acceptable. If you are using iWorks, please convert to one of these file formats, as your instructor may not be able to view your document.)


Submission includes 1.) Analysis of 3-day diet 2.) Analysis of software program 3.) Recommendations
All items included in project

20 pts

1 item is missing in project

10 pts

2 or more items or missing in project

5 pts

20 pts
Diet plan includes following criteria: 1.) Aligns with Dietary Guidelines 2.) Is well organized 3.) Is turned in on time.
All items meet these criteria

30 pts

1 item is missing from these criteria

15 pts

2 or more items missing from these criteria

0 pts

30 pts


Total Points: 50
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