phd docotorate

same as meshaal’s paper instructions 10 pages but avoid the following thoerys:

> Social Penetration Theory

> Uncertainty Reduction Theory

> Social Information Processing Theory

> Social Judgement Theory

> Cognitive Dissonance Theory

> Coordinated Management of Meaning

> Elaboration Likelihood Model

> Communication Privacy Management Theory

> Symbolic Interactionism

> Communication Accommodation Theory


10 pages paper ( i am doing it as an individual and this is my topic : ((( i choose that i saw a homeless guy around my neighborhood with a dog, so i want you to write how was the communcation between them and how ex whonis depoending on who, how are they livin, what do i think about there chemistry ” the doctor bassically wants us to write what kind of feelings did we see between them and talk about it ) 

and that was what she wrote as an intructions for the 10 page paper.


Will examine a social phenomenon concerning animals. Instructions on how to analyze the phenomenon from an anthropological perspective will be provided. A non-graded clan presentation on their experience is required at the end of the semester.


Learning Purpose of the Final Paper: The anthropological tradition is one of participant observation, as we will learn throughout the semester. This experience allows you to see a social phenomenon through anthropological eyes.




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