physics hw 10

Part 1: Analytical Problems

The following questions ask you to solve problems involving topics we’ve covered this week. Work each problem on paper, and post a scanned image of your work for each question, along with a brief description of how you solved the problem. Your scanned work should include a step-by-step solution to the problem. By Saturday, September 6, 2014, scan and post your free body diagrams and perform the following experiments online. Fill in the tables, and post your answers to the questions to the W3 Assignment 2 Lab Dropbox.

Question 1 
A car with 60 cm diameter tires is traveling at a constant speed of 100 km/hr. What is the angular velocity of the tires in rad/s?

Question 2 
A 3 kg ball is traveling in a circle of radius 2 meters with a tangential velocity of 2 meters/second. Find the centripetal acceleration of the ball and the centripetal force acting on it.

Question 3 
An arrow is shot at an angle such that it’s horizontal velocity is 40 m/s and it’s vertical velocity is 20 m/s. Find the horizontal distance the arrow will travel before hitting the ground.

Question 4 
A bolt requires 15 Nm or torque to loosen it. How much force needs to be applied to a 20 cm long wrench to loosen the bolt? Assume the force is applied perpendicular to the handle of the wrench.

Question 5 
A baseball is thrown such that it is in the air for 4 seconds and lands 100 m away. Find the initial vertical and horizontal components of the baseball’s velocity.
In addition to answering the above questions, please conduct the following experiment, fill in the table, and post to the W3 Assignment 2 Lab Dropbox.

Overriding criteria: 0 is automatically awarded if answer is not posted or plagiarized.

Assignment 2 Part 1 Grading Criteria:
Solution is correct. Includes all steps in the problem-solving process. (x 5) Solution is correct but problem-solving steps (using the appropriate physics principles and equations) are incorrect or not included. Solution is incorrect but problem-solving steps (using the appropriate physics principles and equations) are included with minor calculation errors. Solution is correct and all problem-solving steps are included and error free.
Total Possible Points:






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