poetry analysis

In the following poem, identify the following:

The Rhyme Scheme (abab, cdcd, whatever the rhyme scheme is)

The type of rhyme scheme used

Name 6-7 rhetorical devices used in the poem

Evaluate the use of the rhetorical devices



Surrounded by light, but I lie in darkness
Months have passed since last I saw you

You left me alone in this anguished mess
Grieving the absence of the girl I once knew 

You left for a place from which you can’t come back
I sit up and think of our meaningful past
Pondering why I deserved that and what did I lack
Yet the absence of atonement; how can you let it last

I fell a victim to your trusted illusion
But this is more about the landing than the fall
Somehow you still face me with utter confusion
I guess you really don’t get it after all

Yet I can only still see you in my mind
Your stunning eyes fill me with delight
Though our last words weren’t very kind
Our memories bring pleasure like a midsummer’s night 

I slowly exhale as my head drops lower
The butterflies are gone, the tenderness expired
But all of this is far from over
That exile should surely make you tired

I wish we could compensate, I wish there were no damage
Oh how I wish I could have sent a simple message

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