ppt leadership skills

You have been asked to create a presentation that displays your leadership skills. Create a four to five slide PowerPoint presentation (not counting the title and references slides) that addresses the following:

  • How do you handle conflict? What strategies do you utilize?
  • What communication skills do you need to improve on and how will you improve on these skills?
  • What are your leadership skills?
  • What other skills can you bring to your ideal business?

Use bullet points and speaker notes for each slide.

Please stick to the 4×4 or 5×5 slide rule, meaning 4 or 5 bullets per slide and up to 4 or 5 words per bullet.

You do not need to make this “look pretty”, I can change the templates after your submission. 



Let me know ASAP if you have trouble with this assignment.

Here is a link to a Chapter in case you want it. 
*Please do not use any references other than the link provided(I can supply the chapter’s info if you ask).

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