process analysis db

Choose one topic from the list below to explain step by step in paragraph form. This should be at least two paragraphs long. Then, use the questions listed below for Reviewing a Process Analysis Essay to review two of your classmates’ posts. Be sure to answer those questions in paragraph form instead of just answering yes or no. After reading the essay, you should be able to understand and complete the task according to their description. If you are confused about process, include this in your review of the piece.

Possible topics:

  • How to take a good photograph
  • How to prepare for a job interview
  • How to organize a kitchen
  • How to go on a hike
  • How to choose a good pet
  • How to play a musical instrument
  • How to create a garden

Questions for Reviewing a Process Analysis Essay:

  1. Does the introduction give you background information about the process?  Is there enough information to figure out when and why one might perform this process?
  2. Does the essay include a clear thesis statement?  Is it apparent why this process is important? 
  3. Is the process described clearly?  Could you easily replicate this process?  If there were any parts of the explanation that were confusing, how could you make them clearer?
  4. Were there any steps of the process that were illogical or unnecessary?  Would you get rid of those steps or just change them?
  5. Were any of the steps unclear?  If so, how would you rewrite the step to make it clearer?
  6. Were transition words (i.e.): first, second, then, next, etc.) adequately used?  Do you believe they were necessary?
  7. Does the conclusion appropriately wrap up the process?  If not, how could it be improved?
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