project interview essay

Project : interview Essay

Analyze particular non-profit organization. What is their purpose? Goals?

Audience? Mission? How do they use words to accomplish their goals? Tone?

Rhetorical tools? Interview an informed person and supplement your information with secondary research martial. Create a Profile of the Group and a recent activism / event associated with charity. Develop an essay largely from the perspective of the people who are most affected by the organization or their event. Note that the person you interview must complete an “informed Consent” form.

 ————————————————————-—( Done )————————————————————

we have chosen to write about 3 organiztion opining paragraph for the  interview essay

then we will have to choose one of them to write about 

choice 1-  (Opining paragraph + the project interview essay


*** the Opining Paragraph should be like the same Pattern of the story i uploaded 

** the project should bee the same Pattern of the story

* you can find description about each paragraph writen beside each of paragraph

  ————————————————————-—( Done )————————————————————

* Read the Assignment sheet attached


1- Research :

    a- Website ( provide notes) by  TUE 30/9/2013

    b- library search (news about the orgnization from another source like , news papers , internet …..)

2- contact (phone, email, or F2F )the orgnization and asking them 10 question that you can’t find the answer on thier website.  by by  TUE 30/9/2013

 ————————————————————-—( Done )————————————————————


* Use the converstional questions that i have attached , they are question that i asked the orgnization in the following Project.


** make good introduction that contain a good (hook, Bridge, about 3 topic theseis,…. )


*** at least 3 body paragraph and contain at least 1  qoute from the conversation to each paragraph you write about  from that i uploaded in the attachment. (paragraph longer then wider….. <Hint: use and add more sorce from articls or topic to make it longer > )


**** Paragraph should orgnized as the paper attached from the instructor “integrating Quotes into the body paragraph” 


*****examples for using 2 quotes:-


1- context –>cite –> cite–>explain1 –>explain2 –>respond 1–>respond 2–>connect1->connect2


2- context –>introduce –>cite–>explain1–>cite–>explain2–>respond 1 –>respond 2 –>connect1->connect2


3- context –>introduce1–>cite1–>explain1–>introduce2–>cite2–>explain2–>respond1–>respond2–>connect1->connect2


(more explain in the attached “integrating Quotes into the body paragraph” paper )

explain and responce (do not add quick responce) … 


****** the conclusion should contain (restate the theseis, a frame, revision of the future,……. )


 note the pages of the book that i uploaded from previous  in the attachment is just to show you  the order 

you could read the description in the side of each paragraph
FrontlineSMS organization as (non-Profite) 
(a quote from conversational question that i added should be  in each of the 3 paragraph)
examples like the order of the story : 
1-opening paragraph describe the organization 
2-puts FrontlineSMS and murals in historical context
3-Gives biographical details
4-Describe some of FrontlineSMS
5- explain how emerged
6-explain how it work 
7- ending uses a particular mural to make closing point




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