psychological problem that we don't know about?


I suddenly found out that I have a wisdom tooth growing. It hurts so much and swells a lot. Half of the tooth has come out and the other half is growing slowly. The wisdom tooth seems to be in an okay position but I am not sure. I don’t have time for a dentist appointment in near future. Any quick and EFFECTIVE solution?? Authority answers preferred! Thanks!y little sister aged 12 has been coughing up blood almost daily for about 10 months. She has been in and out of 3 different hospitals and her Doctors in this time, where they have done blood tests, chest x rays, scope in the stomach to check it’s not coming from there, and they can’t find an answer, aside that she is healthy. We are still unsure as to where it is coming from, sometimes she seems to cough it and others it comes up as well as vomit. But it happens regularly. She has suffered a few panic attacks as well and says that both sickness along with blood and panic attacks happen when she is in a crowded place. She is a healthy weight, very active, a healthy eater, no diagnosed illnesses and other than this the only thing she gets is colds and stomach pains (around her time of month) So I am wondering can it be a psychological problem that we don’t know about? She obviously can’t do it purposely and sometimes the blood comes out so much it can fill the sink up, coming out with a lot of clots as well. Any help appreciated? 

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