psychology discussions cultural diversity

Discussion 1 – Comparisons – Describe in 100-150 Words.


Choose one of the types of cross-culture comparisons discussed on pp. 37 & 38 of Culture and Psychology (Exploratory vs Hypothesis Testing, Presence or Absence of Contextual Factors, Structured vs. Level Oriented, or Individual  vs. Ecological (Cultural) Level). What are the differences? Provide a real-world example.


Discussion 2 – Role of Research – Describe in 100-150 Words


What is the role of research in cross-cultural psychology? What are some research trends in the field of cross-cultural psychology?   Are you able to locate and share an article to respond to this question?  Be sure to reference it so the rest of the class can review the information.


Discussion 3 – Key Areas – Describe in 100-150 Words

Chapter 3 of Culture and Psychology discusses three key areas for consideration: peers and bullying, parenting styles, and mathematics achievement. Identify a research study from the library that addresses one of these areas and summarize the study. How does culture plays a role in these issues?   Explain.


Discussion 4 – Objective 1 – Describe in 100-150 words.

Describe the purpose of the field of cross-cultural psychology and its implications for the field of psychology.



Discussion 5 – Objective 2 – Describe in 100-150 words.

Analyze the role of research methods within cross-cultural psychology and its application to the field of psychology as a whole.



Discussion 6 – Objective 3 – Describe in 100-150 words.

Define the concept of culture and its relationship to ethnicity, race, and worldviews.



Discussion 7 – Objective 4 – Describe in 100 – 150 Words

Describe enculturation in developmental and social theories.


(Information for Discussion 3 – ·         Borrows, J., Williams, M., Schluter, P., Paterson, J., & Helu, S. L. (2011). Pacific Islands families study: The Association of Infant Health Risk Indicators and Acculturation of Pacific Island mothers living in New Zealand. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 42(5), 699-724.

·         Brew, F. P., Tan, J., Booth, H., & Malik, I. (2011). The effects of cognitive appraisals of communication competence in conflict interactions: A study involving Western and Chinese cultures. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 42(5), 856-874.

·         Lönnqvist, J. E., Jasinskaja-Lahti, I., & Verkasalo, M. (2013). Group-level and intraindividual stability of national stereotypes: A four-year logitudinal study on Ingrrian Finn immigrants’ pre- and postmigration stereotypes of a typical Finn. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 44(5), 765-785.



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