psychology that tries to explain traits, both mental and psychological, as adaptations.

This assignment requires a single evidence-based, peer-reviewed journal article with only one publication.  This paper will include a description of the article’s main focus, a description of the experimental methodology (including the study sample, measures and analyses used, etc.), discussion of the results and related conclusions reached by the article’s authors, and a substantive closing paragraph describing two to three future research ideas inspired by the article. Required page length is 3 pages.1. For this question, I was instructed to take the “Yes” side of the argument. I would have to say that evolution is a good explanation for Psychological Concepts. By definition, Evolutionary Psychology is an approach to psychology that tries to explain traits, both mental and psychological, as adaptations. These traits could be perception, memory, etc. Evolutionary Psychology looks at humans as the result of natural selection. It is this vies that allows Evolutionary psychology to not adhere to the views that govern the natural world. This means, overall, that the human brain, and everything that influences the brain and its functions, are formed and influenced by natural selection, or “survival of the fittest”. Natural selection, or survival of the fittest, is when creatures compete for things such as shelter or food and the fittest wins. When looking at it, Evolutionary Psychology is the best way to put things into perspective such as human behaviors, actions, and overall nature. In our text this week, Glen Geher proposed that all human behavior was a direct result of, not only natural selection, but also the human desire to reproduce. I would have to agree with this theory. The overall belief for the yes side of the argument comes from the fact that our bodies, as well as our brains, are shaped, overall, by the natural selection process and that the people of the past were more likely to live and survive if they had certain neurological qualities. These certain neurological qualities, if more advanced than other human’s qualities, are what caused those people to survive and reproduce. If you think about that for just a minute, it all makes sense. Humans that have a more advanced brain, or greater brain capacities, will be the ones to survive and reproduce. By their survival rate being greater and their ability to reproduce being greater, then they pass that advanced brain on to their offspring. This means that with each generation, the brain becomes more advanced and have greater capacities. Before reading our text, and before critically thinking the question at hand, my first opinion on the question was “no”. When I first read it, I wondered how I was going to create and argument for “yes”, instead of what I believed. I now side with the “yes” argument. Evolution is a great explanation for psychological concepts. Evolution explains a lot in the field of psychology and how the human brain develops.

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