reading assignment 3 1

MUCT 2360 – Music Cultures of the Silk Road Reading assignment #3 ** Be sure to read assignment instructions on Canvas before beginning the assignment. Signell, ch. 1-2 from Makam: Modal Practice in Turkish Art Music 1. According to Signell, in Turkey “Almost all classical compositions are performed from written notation today.” What is one positive AND one negative outcome of this fact? 2. What is the “twofold influence” that the Mevlevi order of dervishes (practitioners of Sufi Islam) have had on the Turkish classical repertoire? 3. Signell describes the “quintessential spirit of Turkish classical music” as taking place in what kind of setting? (Include as much detail as possible!) 4. How does Signell characterize the influence/impact of Radio Istanbul in terms of musical patronage? 5. How are the terms makam and usul defined by Signell? Hammarlund/Schimmel, Sufism, Music, and Society in Turkey and the Middle East 6. _________________________ means remembrance, or recollection, and this term also denotes the (Sufi) ritual event. 7. Of the musical instruments used in Sufi contexts, the __________________ has to be mentioned in pride of place. 8. The traditional musical culture of Turkey and the Middle East is basically __________________, i.e., in any piece of music there is just one single melodic line which is played in ___________________ or in parallel ______________________ by all the melodic instruments of the ensemble. 9. Music is a means to ________________________________________________________________, and for this reason, it played an important role in Sufi life. 10. According to Mevlâna Rumi, the ney is the symbol of man who is separated from his __________________________________________, just as the flute is cut off from the _______________________. SUMMARY (4-6 sentences):

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