reading response 3933202 2  ( watch the vedio )  and then answer the questions 

the topic is about gay marrige ,i am an advocate for this even though iam not gay , becouse i believe that every person should have the right to love whomever they choose . i also chose this topic becouse we as a county are working toward the goal of becoming an entire nation of gay -marrige friendly state , i think its intertsting to see which states are not jumping on board . there are many scholary resourcses about this tobic 



1- What is the topic for research ?

gay marrige ( already answerd ^^^^)


2. collaboration strategy ; based on video . explain the purpose and importance of collebration . explain how your group collaborated this week )? via emails and sms 


3-how is the topic revelant to our society 


4-what are some the diffrence perspective on this topic ? (on what aspects of the topic do reasonable people disagree ? 

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