research paper about scared straight program and sociology research methods

Write a 6- to 10-page research report for your selected topic, research question, or hypothesis. You should choose a quantitative or a qualitative study. Your research report should include the following sections:

  1. Introduction: Identify an area, story, or popular news opening to your research proposal. Sometimes researchers start with a news report, a phenomenon of much media coverage, or some other event (current or historical) that brings the reader into your research project. Additionally, be sure to introduce your topic of study.
  2. Succinctly state your research question and your research purpose (for example, descriptive or exploratory). You may include your hypotheses here.
  3. Offer a section on background, whenever applicable.
  4. Literature review: Review the feedback your instructor provided on your Literature Review assignment from Week 2. This is an opportunity to implement suggestions to improve your literature review.
  5. Provide the heart of this proposal (for the research class): the methods section. You should include the following:
  • An introductory paragraph outlining the contents of the methodology section
  • Detail your conceptualization (definitions) and operationalization (measurement).
  • Discuss how you are going to conduct the method.
  • Discuss sampling issues to include: unit of analysis, target population, sampling frame, and what kind of sample you are using.
  • Address human subjects protection.
  • Offer a timeframe for each of the steps you will engage in your research.
  • Offer a reasonable budget for the proposed research.

Format your report consistent with APA guidelines, including a proper title page and reference page.

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