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– Combining several essays into 1 research paper.

– Addtional 2+ pages should be added.

– Word cited is a most. MLA format paper and references.

– The topic is “Students will write about why do people choose urban life, or go to the city, what do they find there, how do they cope, what can they contribute and how are they rewarded.


Here is the essays and what its about:

Document 1 – The City: Describing the changes in western soceity that gave rise to the city.

Document 2 – Geography and Ecology: Write about how and why urban geography and ecolology impact 

Document 3 – Deviance and Normalcy: Write about how and why city life can be a negative, problematic, or detrimental social expience for either oneself or others.

Document 4 – Field Trip: Forest Hills: The significance of your field trip as it relates to the social, ecnomic, or psychological aspect of urban living.

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