science 8 0

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper. Include the following:


  • Cosmology is the study of the universe as a whole. Describe the foundation of modern cosmology.
  • The Big Bang theory is a part of cosmology. Explain the Big Bang theory and provide one scientific discovery that supports the theory.


  • The Milky Way is just one galaxy that resulted from the Big Bang. Describe how we know Dark Matter exits in our galaxy.
  • What is Dark Energy, and how does it affect the future of the universe?
  • What is a theory of everything? What does it aim to do to our understanding of the universe as a whole?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Use the following subtitles for each section.


a. Introduction

b. Foundation of Modern Cosmology

c. Big Bang Theory

d. One Scientific Discovery that Supports the Theory

e. Dark Matter in the Milky Way Galaxy

f. Dark Energy and the Future of the Universe

g. Theory of Everything

h. Conclusion


Each section should contain 90 – 130 words. You would lose 10 points if you did not use these subtitles.


Please use the template available from the right column. Make sure to attach the output in html or pdf (not a screenshot) from the Plagiarism Checker to your assignment.   You may submit the checker result after the deadline (but no later than Friday) since it might take more time than you expect. Please ask Help Desk if you need assistance for downloading the checker result.

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