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1. What drives currents deep in the ocean?
A. Differences in water density
B. Wind
C. Decreased salinity
D. Increased temperatures
2. The force that causes the ocean tides is
A. tsunamis.
B. gravity.
C. a swell.
D. the Coriolis effect.
3. The Coriolis effect is caused by Earth’s
A. alignment with the sun.
B. alignment with the moon.
C. location in space.
D. rotation.
4. What must occur for a fossil to form?
A. The organism must be buried in sediment soon after it dies.
B. The climate where the organism dies must not be too cool.
C. The organism must fall into igneous rock.
D. The organism must go through a process of petrification.
5. Which one of the following statements suggests relative age?
A. The top layer of sedimentary rock isn’t as old as the layers beneath it.
B. Earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago.
C. Some layers of shale are 265 million years old.
D. The Phanerozoic era lasted about 540 million years.
6. The place where the ocean floor suddenly plunges downward is called the
A. abyssal hill.
B. continental shelf.
C. continental slope.
D. abyssal plain.
7. Which one of the following is not left in the land as a result of continental glaciers?
A. Eskers
B. Erratics
C. Drumlins
D. Loess
8. Alpine glaciers can be found on which one of the following landforms?
A. Lowland hills
B. Mountain bases
C. Flat plains
D. Mountain valleys
9. When sediments fall out of a glacier, they create a deposit called
A. eskers.
B. till.
C. kettle.
D. kames.
10. Long parallel scratches left by course particles from glaciers are called
A. eskers.
B. drumlins.
C. striations.
D. cirques.
11. The abundance of nutrients at the ocean’s surface is a result of
A. upwelling.
B. seamounts.
C. deep currents.
D. tides.
12. The process that uses a half-life in its computation is
A. radioactive dating.
B. adaptation.
C. evolution.
D. intrusion.
13. According to the theory of evolution, an organism increases its chance of survival through a process
known as
A. intrusion.
B. unconformity.
C. superposition.
D. adaptation.
14. Ocean water temperature _______ with depth.
A. stratifies
B. increases
C. decreases
D. remains constant
15. Glacial deposits related to streams of water are called
A. moraine.
B. kames.
C. drumlins.
D. outwash.
16. What problem does an unconformity present?
A. It allows magma to escape to the surface of Earth.
B. It leaves a gap in the geological record.
C. It weakens the crust so earthquakes are more prevalent.
D. It doesn’t contain any fossils for geologists to study.
17. Which one of the following situations would you expect to create the highest waves in the ocean?
A. A 50-kilometer-per-hour wind blowing for 5 hours across a 100-kilometer-wide area of ocean
B. A 100-kilometer-per-hour wind blowing for 10 hours across a 1000-kilometer-wide area of ocean
C. A 100-kilometer-per-hour wind blowing for 5 hours across a 100-kilometer-wide area of ocean
D. A 50-kilometer-per-hour wind blowing for 10 hours across a 1000-kilometer-wide area of ocean
18. The point at which the continent stops and the rock of the ocean floor begins is the called the
A. divide.
B. shelf.
C. drift.
D. slope.
19. Which one of the following times would be the longest?
A. Paleozoic era
B. Jurassic period
C. Carboniferous period
D. Mesozoic era
20. In which one of the following regions would you expect to find the largest amounts of dissolved oxygen
End of exam
in the ocean water?
A. In temperate zones
B. Near the equator
C. In polar regions
D. In the deep oc

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