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Final Project

Health Education Training Presentation

The Final Project in this course requires you to present a training session on a particular health condition or situation.

Part 1:

Based on the audience and venue researched in Units 1, 3, 5, and 7, you will create a 15-minute health education training presentation. Your presentation may be in the form of a narrated PowerPoint slideshow, video, or other similar format. Available resources for your audience may include handouts, brochures, fact sheets, or other materials. Provide at least two types of audience resources.

You will also create an evaluation form for your training session and a thank you letter for the director of the organization you selected.

Presentation should include information on prevalence, statistics, at-risk populations, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and interventions using at least three references or resources.

Part 2:

In a 3-5 page paper, give a brief overview of your training, describe your audience and identify the learning principles you incorporated in your presentation to address the learning style of the audience. Defend your selection of training modality and audience resources. Describe the creation of your program evaluation form. Address how you accomplished the following four health education objectives: 1) relate a current health issue to a health education program or intervention; 2) evaluate current health research sources and publications; 3) analyze the impact of a current health issue on a health education program; 4) integrate current health trends and research into a health education program. List at least three scholarly resources and three national web sites used for your research.

You will not actually present to your selected organization but your materials should be of a quality that could be used in an actual training.

You may use available training resource materials as guides but your presentation should be your own creation. Evaluate your internet sources based on the NCCAM article, “Evaluating Web-based Health Resources”.

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