Select   four advertisements to support your work on the projects throughout this   course


Task: Submit to complete this assignment


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For this activity, you will start working on your comparison   template. Use the Comparison Template for   this draft and review the Comparison Template Exemplar for   guidance on how to fill out the template.



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· I have picked cellphone  companies but you can choose what you like. 

· Select   four advertisements to support your work on the projects throughout this   course. You can either choose all four from the Advertisement Examples provided   or include up to four ads that you find yourself. Guidance for selecting your   own ads is included at the end of the Advertisement Examples handout. Your   selected ads may be print, video, or radio. Either way, you should choose a   total of four ads. If you include your own ads, be sure that they display   interactions between people or convey ways that the product or service   advertised will impact or influence people.

· Enter your four ad   selections. If you are choosing ads that are not on the provided list, enter   the URL for the ad or for an image that depicts the ad.

· This assignment will   help you prepare your work for your first major project. You can review the   details of this project by accessing the Project 1 Comparison Template   Guidelines and Rubric document.


· Templates are attached 

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