.Select one of the evaluation models found in Meleis chapter 10 or another model


Theory Critique Worksheet


In each section below you will evaluate a research article that uses your selected theory (Orlando Ida Jean). This is a worksheet and not a scholarly paper.However, comprehensive coverage of each section listed below is required; quality references are expected in APA format listed at the end.Type answers directly under each questions.

A.Selection of Research Article

1. search for literature(articles) that used the selected theory( Orlando Ida Jean).

2.Discuss the process used and the volume of studies you were able to find.

a.Were they predominantly research based?

b.Were they predominantly practice based?

c.What was the overall message you found in the review of the articles?

3.Select a current (within the past 3 years) research article, related to the selected theorist Orlando Ida Jean. Provide a brief summary of the article, specifically the theoretical discussion.

4.Share how the theory was used for research and practice in this study.

B.Evaluation, based on a Systematic Model for Theory Evaluation

1.Select one of the evaluation models found in Meleis chapter 10 or another model that you believe is appropriate for the selected theory in this article. If it is a middle-range or situation specific theory review the chapters that specifically address development of those theories.

2.Describe the evaluation model and the rationale for using it.

3.Analyze your article with the criteria in the model selected.

4.If a systematic model for theory review was not found why do you think that is the case?Would the same models fit for evaluation of grand, middle-range, and situation specific theories?

C.Application or congruency – Christian worldview

1.Examine the definitions of nursing’s metaparadigm in the theory; if the metaparadigm is not explicitly used, use the major concepts of the theory.

2.How would these definitions impact your decision as to the congruency of use within a Christian worldview?

3.What are the key factors within any theory that would alert you to it being acceptable, neutral, or contrary to a Christian worldview?

4.Did the article give any indication of the theory being acceptable, neutral, or contrary to a Christian worldview?

Classification of Theory & School of Thought

1. What is the classification of the theory and school of thought for this article.

2. What is the criteria for the classification spelled out in the description of the theory in the information found in the article. Was it a good application for this study.

3.Summary of Theory Critique Experience

a. In your own words, summarize the theory components and how the theory is used today.

b.Propose future development of the theory and an application for practice and/or research.

c. Synthesize the critique process and reflect on what was learned and how it changed your understanding of the theory

d.Discuss the value of theory critique as it applies to theory development, research and practice.

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