short essay 4


Essay topic: You hired me; Franky Flawless owner of ‘Xtreme Construction’ to remodel your kitchen.  We agreed on what work was to be done, the amount of money to be paid, and the timeline the work was to be completed in.  I pulled the proper permits and had layout sketches & plans for the cabinets, counters, and appliance locations.

As I begin work you are always watching me, asking questions, and even telling me how you want the work to be done.  You are so specific in telling me how to do things that you drawn new lines on the remodeling plans and cross out existing and approved locations and specifications.

On the 5th day of work, you are still in the kitchen giving me specific instructions on what to do and how to do it.  All of the sudden the counter-top slips and falls on my shoulder as I was under the sink lining up the drain lines for installation. 

The sink cuts my shoulder and I feel sharp stabbing pain in my shoulder and neck and it radiates down my spine.  The pain was so bad that it was hard for me to see and as I tried to move from under the sink cabinet, I jammed my head into a door hinge and cut my head and blood starts running down my face.  The impact from the head injury caused even more pain.

Once I was able to collect my wits, I tried to stand up but your cat had wandered into the kitchen and I stepped on it’s tail.  The cat screeched, scaring me, and as I jumped because of the cats screeching, I slipped and fell right on my tailbone.  Now my shoulder, head, neck and spine hurt, my head is bleeding and the most recent injury was my tailbone.

I am finally able to crawl out of your home and drive to the local hospital where a doctors examination and X-rays show a fractured tail bone, a cracked collar bone, a slice across my collar bone that requires stitches, a gash on my head that required six stitches, and a severe sprain to my neck and back muscles.


I am an independent contractor and have my own insurance.  However, I have the bill sent to you claiming that you were my employer.

You get the bill, which comes to over $70,000, and you almost faint on the spot.

Why would I have the bill sent to you?  Why would I think you are responsible for the medical expenses?  Why should you, or should you not, pay for the expenses or file a claim with your home owners insurance policy?

Be sure to give the basis of law(s) from the text for your reasoning and what our relationship was and if that relationship changed over the clourse of the work I did. 

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