"Succession Plan and Regulations" 

Assignments are below Discussion and classmates responses

Discussion: “Succession Plan and Regulations” Please respond to the following:

· Suppose you have graduated from Strayer University with your degree and you have been working in the management field for at least five (5) years. During your five (5) years, you have worked on a variety of projects. Now, you are thinking you are ready to pursue a certification in project management, but you are not sure which one to get. After visiting the PMI certification website, you see several certification options. Select the certification that would most interest you and explain why you chose such a certification.

· After posting your response, respond to at least one (1) of your classmates on their selection and rationale.

· BBelow post from student required responsesYarsin Scott 

I would select the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. The PMP certification compared to other certifications offered by the Project Management Institute, is truly global. I as a holder would be globally competent and would be versatile with the various project management styles used across the world. The certification will also increase my earning potential and attract job opportunities from reputable employers. I will also be able to cut across any industry and supervise projects ranging from: tourism, engineering, business and other economic projects. I also have met the requisites required for the certification. These include: a four-year degree, experience

and sufficient knowledge in project management.

Discussion 11: “Succession Plan and Regulations” Please respond to the following:

· Develop a succession plan or exit strategy for a business. Within your response, be sure to discuss which elements are essential to this succession plan or exit strategy. Provide support for your response.

· Identify three (3) government regulations that you believe a business will need to comply with. Next, discuss the different ways that a business can get more familiar with these regulations.

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Below post from student required responses. (Jamie Matthews )Top of Form

Company that are in the United States have to pay federal taxes and  also have to pay state taxes but the kinds of taxes you’ll pay depends on how you formed your business. In this regard, not all businesses are treated the same. Sole proprietorships pay taxes differently than, say, S-corporations.  You have income tax most businesses file at the end of the year.Estatimated tax ae payed throughtour the year as the company make money.You also have employment taxes adn excuse taxes.

Advertising you have to make sure the claims in your ads are not untruthful or purposely deceptive. Violating these rules can result in fines Comply with labeling laws for consumer products.

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