Technology Contributions to Healthcare

Possible Challenges when Using Tele Healthcare

Network and level of education are key challenges when using tele-healthcare. Network is required in the transmission of information from the patients to the medical professionals and back. The challenge of network is especially witnessed in the remote areas. The level of education has impact on how efficient the technology gadgets are in helping the patients to transmit data and any inquiries to their respective facilities. Other issues include the level of training, cultural competencies, resource availability among others.

Technology Contributions to Healthcare

The contributions of technology to the healthcare are both positive and negative. The positive significance of technology include reduced costs, enhanced information sharing, efficiency, accuracy, speedy treatments, emergency responses, reduction in workloads among the medical professionals among others. Misdiagnosis is a primary challenge undermining the healthcare practices. Any case of misdiagnosis is inherited in the entire treatment process. Other challenges include lack of standard practices in then healthcare to facilitate tele health services.

In conclusion, tele healthcare has extended its beneficial aspects to different sets of capacities including patients, providers, communities and government. Patients are no longer required to travel to distant specialists to acquire medical attention. This is being done conveniently in their homes. Circuit riding specialists using tele healthcare approaches are saving substantial amounts of time. Some of the challenges associated with it include technical problems, safety concerns such as confidentiality and data losses and interface problems. The benefits, however, outweigh the challenges by a large margin.

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