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Term Paper/Research Essay (Analytical Argumentative Essay),
Write a critical analysis (double-spaced) on a literary topic of your choice based on prose, poetry or drama from works IN OUR TEXT. Include the opinions of at least three literary critics in your essay. The last page of your essay should be the Works Cited page, and the entire essay is to be in MLA format. Your essay should contain a strong thesis statement in the introduction/first paragraph of your essay. The essay should then argue/support the position stated in your thesis.

Take any of the following approaches:

1. Examine a volume of works by one author comparing and contrasting both themes and literary devices apparent in his/her works. Or, you may exclusively focus on themes, or, exclusively focus on literary elements. Be mindful of historical contexts, as well as biographical information about the author.
Please do it over Anne Bradstreet
1. use her poetry
2. use 3 sources
3. make it 4 pages then a work cited for 5th.
4. use 3 literaty  devices
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