The Community’s Influence on Socialization

The Community’s Influence on Socialization

Using the University Library, search for an article that supports your work. You can find peer-reviewed resources in the Library under PsycARTICLES database. This will also help to broaden your understanding of the topic being studied each week.

How does a community influence an individual’s physical, economic, social, and personal behaviors in childhood? Include in your response how a community’s influence leads to role expectations as a child develops into an adult. Minimum words 400. Include additional reference also from  Berns, R. (2017). Child, Family, School, Community: Socialization and support,(9th Ed.).

Every answer must be completed in a few sentences:

What sort of cultural or social forces impact how we think and behave?

Describe an example of a behavior that is impacted by socialization and cultural influences.

How do things like media and advertising impact our understanding of how we should act or behave in a culture or group?

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