understanding gender violence

 A twelve-slide PowerPoint presentation on gender violence and how men and women both are subjected to violence and how they deal with it as well as this paper answering the following questions 


Completing the Final Project Reflection Worksheet

1.    Please attach your project separately, or if you cannot attach your project, provide the link to your project here:


2.     Why did you choose your topic?

Explain why you selected the topic from the list. Does it relate to your experience? Or is it something new that you wanted to learn more about?


3.     How does your project relate to your chosen topic? Why did you choose to do this particular type of project?

What kind of project did you choose (paper, presentation, art work, performance, fiction ect.). Why did you choose to do this kind of project? Is this form something that you wanted to build skills in, or did you feel that it expressed the point you wanted to make in a unique way? Can you explain how your project is a fitting choice considering your topic choice?


4.     What six sources did you use?  How did they affect you? What impact did the knowledge gained from your sources have on your project?

This is your chance to explain how your research informed your project, are there any aspects of your project where you really made use of your research that you want to point out to your instructor? Then do it here. Was there any statements or passages that you encountered in your research that was meaningful to you? Then mention them here, and point out to your instructor how they influenced particular aspects of your project.


5.     What kind of statement is your project making about your topic?

This is your chance to explain the statement you are trying to make with your project. Explain to your instructor what you are trying to say with your project, and how this can be seen in your project.


6.     How did working on this project change your perspective on the topic?

This is your chance to demonstrate what you learned about your topic. So, what was your perspective on your topic before this course? What is your perspective now? What changes in perspective have you noticed in yourself after having completed your project?


7.     What conclusions have you drawn after completing your project?

Now that you have finished this course and this project, what is your main take-away? If someone were to ask you “what did you learn when you did your final project?” What would you say?


8.     Remember to include your APA formatted source list of at least six sources on the next page!


O’Toole, L.L., Schiffman, J.R., & Edwards, M.K. (2007). Gender violence (electronic resource): interdisciplinary perspectives/edited by Laura L. O’Toole, Jessica R. Schiffman, and Margie L. Kiter Edwards. New York: New York University Press. 


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analysis. Anthropological Notebooks19(2), 57-74


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            Akotia, C. S., & Anum, A. (2012). The Moderating Effects of Age and Education on Gender Differences on Gender Role Perceptions. Gender & Behavior, 10(2), 5022-5043.

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