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Week 4 Team Assignment – Creating a Sustainable Enterprise

As you review the materials on sustainability, begin to formulate your own definition and understanding what sustainability is and what it means to businesses and consumers. Then consider some current products and/or services that you feel are underutilized. Take one of those ideas and explain how you could expand on its use to make it more sustainable.

For example, there is an existing product called a “Toliet Lid Sink.” Per the name, this concept works in such a way that with each flush of the toilet, clean water that would otherwise go straight down into the toilet is first routed up through a chrome gooseneck spigot to dispense pure water for hand washing. The water then flows into the toilet for the next use. Who says you must have clean water in the toilet?

Another idea that some schools and organizations have sponsored is recycling old gym shoes with rubber bottoms. The rubber is removed from the shoe and used on playgrounds for gravel. Please come up with a different idea than what has currently been done.

Please submit a team paper that is no longer than two pages. This paper should address the following areas:

  • Define what sustainability means to you as a team.
  • With more companies getting involved in this initiative do you feel “green” and/or eco-friendly products can still be a point of differentiation for companies?
  • Clearly identify a current product / service and how you plan to further exploit this underutilized asset to be more eco-friendly to the environment.
  • Explain if you feel marketing has a role in the area of sustainable support. If so, what that role would be.



Its 3 of us in the team MY PART IS AREA 2 & 3. The highlighted parts above is the area i need completed, my team mates will complete the rest and we will put the papaer together. 1 PAGE, MICROSOFT WORD, SCHOLARLY REVIEWED CITATION and APA FORMAT.

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