What are similarities and differences in stepmother and stepfather roles?

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Chapter 12

1. How are blended families formed and what are their distinguishing characteristics?

2. What are similarities and differences in stepmother and stepfather roles?

3. What are strengths or blended families? What are major adjustment issues and how are they resolved?

4. Describe the six stages in blended families formation.

5. What are some strategies that blended families can use to be effective.

Chapter 14:

1. Discuss the unique challenges, including legal challenges that same-sex partners may face in forming families.

2. What are some parental concerns if children identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender.

3. Discuss the research-based information regarding children who are being raised by same-sex parents.

4. What are some factors that determine sexual orientation and describe how biology and the environment can play a role.

Visit the following website and follow the directions on screen to complete the Stroop Effect Exercise. Complete the practice exercise once, then the Stroop effect exercise once. Record your times for each. Then complete the practice exercise again, and the Stroop effect exercise again. Again, record your times for each.


Complete the worksheet in the attached document and submit your completed worksheet here in the Week 3 Assignment: Stroop Effect area in the Assignments link in the classroom no later than 11:55 pm EST Sunday. Be sure to make clear connections to at least two terms, concepts, or research findings from your readings or other scholarly sources to support your responses. Include any references used on a separate reference page at the end of the worksheet. References should be formatted in APA format both in-text and on your reference page. Please visit the APUS Writing Center or the Purdue OWL website for examples of APA formatted references.

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