What was the topic of the research? Why were they studying this topic? What did they expect to find? (


You will need to read and understand the article, and then answer the questions below.

The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to learn a little more about a specific area of child development, to expose you to scholarly research in the field, and to encourage you to think critically about information you encounter in school and in life.

Please type and double space your answers to the following questions (no need to re-type the questions). Number your answers and respond in complete sentences that should be thorough and comprehensive. Also, be sure to summarize rather than directly quote the article. Your responses should be approximately 2 pages (maximum of 3 pages), double-spaced and 12 pt font.

1. What was the topic of the research? Why were they studying this topic? What did they expect to find? (i.e. what were the hypotheses?) (Found in introduction)

2. How did they study this topic? (i.e., what variables were the researchers looking at and how did they measure them?) Describe the design of the study. (i.e., what were participants asked to do, or what was done to them?) (Found in Method – be sure to be detailed

3. Who are the participants? How were they selected? Were multiple groups studied or were the participants all of one race, gender, or ethnic background? (Found in Method)

4. What were the results of the study?  Were the hypotheses confirmed or disconfirmed?  (Found in Results and Discussion)

5. What were some of the strengths and weaknesses of this study? (Found in Discussion, or can be your own thoughts)

6. What were some of the implications of the study?  That is, why was it important or how does it apply to real life?  (Found in Discussion)

7. What suggestions do the authors cite (or do you have) for future research? (Found in Discussion)

8. What is your reaction to the research reported in this article as it relates to this class?

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